Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where oh where has Zayn gone ?

Sorry everyone for my absence the past 2 days I have been terribly ill, but I'm hopefully on the track to good health soon. Anyways, since my sneezing has been keeping me up at night, I decided to look at the latest gossip on twitter and what do you know something really big happened. Zayn Malik from One Direction deleted his twitter account. From his last tweets, I'm guessing that he is tired from all the twitter hate and wants some space. Do I blame him for wanting privacy ? NO , but I also know that all of his fans that did nothing to him will miss him. Another controversy that blew up on twitter last night was Perez Hilton VS. Directioners. Hilton wrote a blog saying how Zayn's twitter delete is foreshadowing his quitting One Direction. As you can imagine Directioners flocked to Hilton's twitter writing things like I hate you and you need to shut up. Well personally, I believe that this whole thing has gone way too far and Zayn just wanted a break. Plus , it would be hard to find someone that would look as great as Zayn to replace him. Hilton is just doing his job as a celebrity blogger and writing rumors, doesn't mean that it's true. Everybody needs to take a chill pill and drink some tea !

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Thought I would update you with the status of my story. As of yesterday Zayn reactivated his twitter. I know you directioners are happy. He said he would only keep it up for good comments so you should stop by and give him a lovely tweet !

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