Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Wanted

Today I thought I would let my fangirl come out and dish on my lovely boys from England/Ireland ...... THE WANTED ! By the time you finish reading this you will be a Wanted Fan. If you have never heard of The Wanted I will probably cry and brainwash you into listening to all their music. I stumbled upon these crazy boys 2 years ago by mistake. On youtube I was searching for covers of Iris by Goo Goo Dolls and saw a delightful video of 5 boys singing my song. My first impression was Wow these boys probably are on The Singoff and if not they really need to be famous on youtube because they are so good. Long story .... but I was watching the news and something about a band One Direction were being sued over a  name came on, this was my 1st taste of One  Direction. In February ,they showed a picture of One Direction and then another picture of what seemed to be a grownup version of them , all I could think was oh fudge I am extremely confused. How did these 14 year old boys grow up SO fast ! "Glad You Came" started flooding the radio , but so did "What Makes You Beautiful" I listened to them and yet had no clue who sang them . March was when I first found out about One Direction and stalked them like a piece of meat. One day I was on my way to a guy friend's whom I liked and I heard "Glad You Came", this friend and I had the most memorable time together that day . I am that type of person that purchases songs that express me in that moment that way when I play the song that memory plays back in my head, so i bought "Glad You Came". (For those people that understand the songs innuendo that was not the reason I bought it) Anyways, for some reason over the Summer I fell in love with The Wanted and haven't been able to get over them. I like One Direction, but The Wanted are that group of boys that have nothing going for them yet everything. Now for a little history lesson on The Wanted , the 5 boys were in a 9 month audition for a boyband that was not a tv show. After they were picked they traveled all around England waking up at 5 Am to hit the schools to perform. Next came radio , many stations would not play the boy's songs because they were a so called "boyband". Finally after months of breaking the barrier their 1st single All Time Low was played. They have come so far and are traveling all around the world now. Recently their new single Chasing the Sun was  featured on Ice Age 4. The band members are: Tom Parker 24, the one who will never grow up, Max George 23, the one with the really bad jokes, Siva Kaneswaren 23, Irish and says the craziest things, Jay McGuiness 22 , the one person that can brighten up anyone's day also a heavy drinker and proud of it, last but not least Nathan Sykes 19, the baby and loves to drink tea by fire. These boys have become like my brothers and every week I'll look them up to see what trouble they've gotten into. Wednesdays are my favorite because it's WantedWednesday where the boys upload a vlog on youtube about where they have been or what they have been up to. I absolutely love these boys and I am so proud of how far they have come ! If you have free time on your hands this week check them out on youtube :)

Siva, Jay, Max, Tom, & Nathan

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