Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Reading :(

Hey everyone today I thought we could talk about my most hated thing at the moment ........Summer Reading. If there was one thing that ruins the summer it is this. Sometimes you get lucky and get a book that you like or that is tiny. Sadly in my case since I'm going to be a senior this year I have to read Wuthering Heights. I have heard that if you are a romantic that this book is for you, but I'm not a romantic person soooo  yeah you would be proud to know that I read the first chapter today and did not understand one word. I'm hoping the more I read the better it gets. Anyways today nothing much going on, but I am thinking about deleting some people from my life. I might even blog about it so stay tuned for that. Have the rest of a good day y'all ! (if y'all haven't noticed I'm southern so sorry for all the y'alls) 
Thanks for reading lovelies <3 

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