Thursday, November 29, 2012

That 90's show

Remember all those great 90's shows that we grew up on ? Seems like all that's on tv these days is garbage . Here let me refresh your brain with some of the shows that I use to watch. 7th Heaven was that family favorite and every night I would get excited to see what that family got into. When the children grew up I felt like I grew up , when Matt, Mary, and Lucy got married I felt like one of my siblings did . The famous Boy Meets World showed me everything that I needed know about boys and how friendship is the most important thing that anyone could ever have . I had never heard the name Topanga until this show and still haven't, but the romance between Cory and Topanga is one for the ages . Dr. Quinn The Medicine Woman was always a classic to watch , and ER was my favorite. When I was younger my brothers and I were obsessed with watching ER because my older brother wanted to be a doctor . Even though some of it got a little gross I would watch it to spend time with my brothers . As for cartoons Dexter's Laboratory, Power Puff Girls , Dragon Ball Z , Pokemon, and Ed Edd and Eddy were the shows I would watch on cartoon network . Home Improvement with Tim Allen was hilarious and Jonathan Taylor Thomas wasn't bad to look at . On CBS, JAG was our show before CSI came on . I remember always wanting Harmon and MacKenzie to get together . Saved By The Bell took us from freshman in high school to College years . Who would have known that Screech would become a porn star and Lisa would become bipolar . I loved Sister, Sister especially the mama her personality always made me laugh ! I didn't watch Step By Step too much, but I still enjoyed it . Last but not least is my #1 ........ Full House ; this is my all time most watched over the years ! Everyone could relate to one character , it felt like you were in the family when you watched it . Waiting to see what DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle got into and how the boys would try to fix it . I guess it's safe to say though that we don't have a show now that makes you feel good and like you are at home . I miss these shows and maybe it's because they are my childhood or maybe it's the little piece of home that I miss .

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