Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Saturday !!!!!!

I hope that you are having a wonderful Saturday ! Last night I went to P.F. Changs and got something a little different to my usual sesame chicken . I picked the caramel mango chicken ; it was awesome , but really spicy. If you are a person that loves hot hot food you should try this out. Ok enough about food , today I haven't done anything , but watch movies. At first , nothing was on tv so I got a little depressed . Then this crazy movie called No Country for Old Men came on and that was probably the best movie that I've seen in awhile. I won't point out any spoilers just in case if you have never seen the movie , but the creepy bounty guy in there is scary as heck. He goes around killing everybody he meets for no reason with some high powered gun. The ending didn't meet my expectation , but it leaves you wondering. Now I'm debating on watching 3:10 to Yuma or hit up netflix. Oh forgot to blog about my little BFFLE date with Alexis last week ; we went to watch House at the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawrence. If you watch the trailer , you think that it's scary and the guy has some creature in the basement yeah nooooo. This movie actually turned out to be hilarious to me and the plot wasn't all that good for a horror movie. It was more of a thriller / suspense because the secret that the guy has is crazy . I might paint my nails something bright cause the magnetic nail polish I used last week was a mess . Anyways sorry that this post was all over the place ! 
                                     Thanks for reading !!!!

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