Thursday, January 31, 2013

When rude doesn't even cover it

So I have this teacher for yearbook and she continuously belittles and is rude to her students. I try so hard to not be rude back because she is my teacher , but let's say my sassiness is coming out soon. Like every class she has to be mean to us about little things and make us feel like crap. I have never had a teacher that acted this way towards her students so it is new to me. For example, today she moved one of my friends in our group and said to her "I'm not worried about you disrupting them, but rather them disrupting you" so I just wanted to say NO MIIIISSSSSSY we talk and have fun but we also do our work. Then she looked at my group and said  " Don't think it won't reflect on their progress report" Right then I wanted to go all ghetto mode on her and tell her that if I do my work why you are dropping my grade. I'm 18 and I know that I am considered a kid since I'm high school , but  I don't need you being mean to me. A couple of months ago we had gotten an ad and she said for us to get the page ready in order to show the company the way it would look, but she did not say when it had to be done and I was not in charge of ads so I just placed it on the page for the right person to do it. Well I get a call from her when I'm at home on a Friday and she starts yelling at me saying how it's my fault that we are going to lose the ad and starts cursing at me. I was in shock when I got off the phone because of how unprofessional she was. I'm just going to wait till I get my progress report and see how it goes and if she drops my grade then Mama H (my mom) is going to have a huge talking with her.I just don't appreciate being talked to like a 4 year old. Sorry for the whole venting thing y'all, just wanted to share with you what's going on in my life ! If you have any advice for me then please comment :)
                                      Love you guys <3

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