Monday, December 24, 2012

Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas

Hey there everyone it's finally Christmas Eve and hopefully you are with your loved ones sharing your special traditions. I just wanted to share with you wherever or whoever you are some of the things my family does during Christmas. If you don't know I have a small family and it is lucky to have both of my brothers under the same roof. Sadly, this Christmas we are celebrating without my oldest brother and my sister-in-law. Even though they are not here we still go on with our regular schedule. Usually my mom spends all day cooking and baking ; she makes sausage balls, meat balls, haystacks, and sugar cookies. Then we go out to look at Christmas lights and every year they become fewer and fewer , so if you are out there next year please put at least a little something out. When we get back home we eat all our goodies and watch Home Alone, Christmas with the Kranks, Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story. I also try to dabble in my poor piano skills in Jingle Bells and Silent Night , but don't ask for anything else. Then on Christmas Day we really don't do anything , but open presents and eat dinner. It's really just us spending time together while everyone is under the same roof. So my message for you today is spend loads and loads of time with your loved ones and make memories that will last you in the lonely times. And don't forgot the reason for the season and tell Jesus Happy Birthday ! Hope y'all have a Very Merry Christmas <3 

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